Bethesda Green

Bethesda Green works to address environmental challenges locally by creating a sustainable, green community, built collaboratively through citizen engagement, environmental education, government partnership and innovative business development.

The challenge

The client needed a more recognizable brand in the marketplace and a way to differentiate themselves in a crowded digital landscape. They also needed a more accessible and robust digital destination for resources, fundraising and event marketing.

Our strategy

With significant member and stakeholder input, we designed a new logo and visual identity for the organization.

Designed to appeal to both Bethesda Green’s eco-entreprenuers and community supporters, the solution we developed focused on pairing unique visual elements with modern typography and a fresh inviting color palette. This combination represents the merging together of technology and the environment to create a community working towards the greater good.

We also completely redesigned the company’s website to include:

Bethesda Green website shown on desktop and mobile device
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