LifeShare of the Carolinas

LifeShare of the Carolinas’ core purpose is to save lives by coordinating the recovery and distribution of lifesaving organs, eyes and tissues for transplantation and medical research. They also provide public and professional education about the donation process, and support donor families through grief counseling and continuing care programs.

The challenge

In effort to increase awareness of and participation in the organ donation process, we worked with LifeShare to develop and implement branding and digital strategies to:

  • Improve brand awareness and promote the organization's mission of giving hope, life and healing
  • Increase trust in the transplant system and understanding of how organ matching works
  • Serve multiple audiences content tailored to their needs across the website, email campaigns and social channels
  • Implement a responsive website design to ensure that users can easily read and navigate sites on any device
  • Implement consistent, intuitive navigation and branding throughout all of the organization's digital channels to improve usability and enable users to easily access information and resources
  • Increase ease of publishing and decrease maintenance costs by implementing a new content management system

Our strategy

We worked with the LifeShare team to develop a consistent visual identity and comprehensive digital strategy for the organization. This included redesigning the website, creating an email newsletter, developing design templates for social posting and supporting various campaigns and ongoing initiatives.

In addition, we provided content strategy and development, routine maintenance, and analytics monitoring. We also supported and promoted various events with graphics, email marketing and special website features.

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Promoting organ, eye and tissue donation across the Carolinas.

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